Slight AU Hunger Games roleplay
opening saturday, june 22

Silver Benetton ✚ 27 ✚ District 1 ✚ 60th Victor ✚ Open

District 1 is notorious for their attractive, outgoing, and well behaved victors. They are quite the crowd pleasers and heartthrobs, as far as the Capitol citizens are concerned, seeing as how they are the from the district that closely resembles the Capitol in fashion and attitude. Silver most definitely applies in all categories. She loves being on the stage and doing interviews with Cesar. The crowd eats up her hilarious and sassy personality paired with her sweet appearance. Especially during her tribute interview, seeing as how she was only thirteen years old. She’s a big singer and Cesar can always sway her into singing a few lines for her fans. After the age of sixteen, Snow found her beauty and talent rather special and decided to make her somewhat of a treat for his friends with big mouths or big wallets; whichever ones he needed to please first. Through him, people would take her in for the night It wasn’t always sexual. Just sold as famous company. The strangest part, however, was that she didn’t have to be threatened in to doing it. She liked the attention and conversation. Besides, she knew how to slip out of uncomfortable situations, such as almost sleeping with a purple-dyed man three times her age (which actually has happened once) and instead telling him stories while pouring drink after drink until her time was up. She knew how to handle and manipulate people. And she loved it. 

Her Games, however, was another story. Her fellow tribute who volunteered with her was unreadable from day one, but still agreed to join her career pack. She tried everything to get some kind of a read on him, or even say just one word. But her efforts were useless to him and he continued to be silent for days. In the arena, Silver managed to convince her alliance members to do the killing for her. They didn’t even realize they were the only ones doing it, with the exception of her parter. When the majority of the tributes in the arena were killed off, their career pack agreed to separate. Silver was left with her silent partner who continued to motion with his hands or shake and nod his head to communicate. Silver decided that he was at least good enough to kill the rest of the tributes, if anything. And he did. He killed everyone who was previously in their career pack on his own. As she watched him kill the very last one, she saw the first true emotion on his face; hunger. He enjoyed killing in a way she couldn’t comprehend, but she knew he wanted more. Before he could get his own hands on her, she slit his throat from behind without a second thought. It was the first time she had ever seen him smile, aside from the hint of smiles in his interviews. This was a genuine, ear to ear smile with the same wild hunger in his eyes. Fifteen years after her games, she is still haunted by the silent boy’s eyes and has developed a fear of the mute. Making her extended stay in the Capitol difficult seeing as how every victor is assigned an avox. 


Suggested Relationships

  • Gloss Eldred - mentor
  • Colin Crusan - escort
  • Cashmere Eldred - friend
FC: Hayden Panettiere
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