Slight AU Hunger Games roleplay
opening saturday, june 22

Alina Oriax ✚ 28 ✚ Capitol ✚ Avox ✚ Open 

Alina is new to the avox community, very new, infact. Up until almost a year ago, she had been the District 2 Escort, and she was damn good. Such a sweet face paired with sharp wit and complimenting sass, she was a rather popular escort. Though she was taken by someone special. Seneca Crane. An escort from a career district and the Head Gamemaker - the Capitol Citizens loved them! They even nicknamed them the Hunger Couple. After the 74th Games, citizens were no longer looking to the front covers of magazines or popular TV shows to find their favorite couple anymore. Seneca was punished for neglecting his duty to insure one victor, and one victor only, from the Games. 

So, how did Alina become an avox? Well, after the death of her beloved, she snapped. No warning, no chance to say goodbye. It changes people. Alina planned to out Snow on what he had done to Seneca and why he had done it. She was prepared to spill all kinds of insider secrets to the press in revenge. Though, to her dismay, someone told authority before she could ever reach someone who could listen. Of course, she was punished by the removal of her tongue, seeing as how she had not yet performed the crime (which would have resulted in her own execution), but for a premeditated crime. This year, Alina will be assigned to a victor and begin her duties as an avox rather than an escort, watching her previous friends on screen without her - and some new kid parading around in her place. To make matters worse, she keeps hearing about the Capitol’s new Hunger Couple. Her old friend Ellender, escort of District Four, and assistant Head Gamemaker, Clay. The two remind her everyday what she has lost and she hates them almost as much as Snow.


Suggested Relationships

  • Celadine Algren - friend
  • Rohesia Algren - friend
  • Arianthe Holleder - friend
  • Gage Radkov - friend
FC: Carey Mulligan
Phox Acheson ✚ 28 ✚ Capitol ✚ District 2 Escort ✚ Open 

Though it is Phox’s first year as an escort, he has enough years of practice and observation under his belt to become a part of one of the most elite groups in the Capitol. Competing against a couple hundred other eligible candidates for the newly available spot, he found a way to beat them all with a winning personality, a drive for Capitol values,… and maybe a bit of help from his mother who may or may not have been a previous escort herself. So, sure, he had quite the leg up compared to his fellow candidates, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t deserve it. 

Phox has been eager to join the industry ever since he could remember. And now that he gets to begin with the Quarter Quell, he is more than ready to show off what he is capable of. Not that it’s too hard of an act to follow, seeing as how the previous escort, ___, was stripped of her title as District 2 Escort and punished by loosing her tongue. Besides, the media is already loving him. Phox Acheson! One of the current youngest escorts starting with the 75th Hunger Games. And with the most vicious career district, as well. Truly exciting as far as the citizens of the Capitol are concerned. Good thing he has escort blood coursing through him and absolutely no sign of worry or nervousness about him. At least not on the outside. 


Suggested Relationships

  • Chevis Nash - friend
  • Fir Nicastro - friend
  • Ellender LaBelle - friend
  • Eustacia Yule - friend
FC: Eddie Redmayne


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There is always peace before the storm — and for Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, this seems to be the case. After their victory tour, they were rewarded with months of rest before they would return to the Capitol as mentors for the 75th Annual Hunger Games. Although, the tables turn as the Quarter Quell approaches and President Snow reveals that they will only be choosing from previous victors to return into the next Games. In other words, they’re being thrown back in to the Games and, this time, only one will come out. 

Welcome to the Quarter Quell. 
Welcome to the rebellion.

Opening June 22nd!

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Lynnea Ragno ✚ 27 ✚ Capitol ✚ Environmental Maintenance Gamemaker ✚ Open 

Lynnea didn’t grow up in a prestigeous household in the Center of the Capitol, where everything was just handed to her. Her family had to work hard if they wanted to make their way to the top. And to be honest, her parents didn’t set the biggest goals for themselves, let alone their children. They loved them dearly, don’t think twice about that, they just didn’t have a plan for them. Lynnea was the result of a teenage love affair between her parents, while her sister was planned 8 years later when they were more steady on their feet. When they were young, her and her sister decided they were going to make a name for themselves as soon as they turned 18. Lynnea didn’t have as much time preparing for heir goal as Evelyn did, so she didn’t make any immediate results. When she turned 21, everything turned around, and she began training to become a Gamemaker for the Hunger Games. After three years in specializing in Environmental Studies, she was welcomed aboard the gamemaker team. 

Now three years in to her industry, Lynnea is fantastic at what she does, controlling the environment around the victors during the Games. She works with two others in her department, the three of them needing strong relationships built on trust and understanding if they are to work well. To their luck, they all do. Right after the end of the Games, her and her partners meet with the Head Gamemaker to plan the next arena. As soon as it’s set, they meet with the rest of the gamemakers to fill in the details and brainstorm on new and exciting things to bring to this years Games. Over the past years working here, Lynnea has grown to her team, loving them like a family. So when the news of Seneca Crane’s execution hit her, it hit hard. However, she knew she had to remain strong and appear unfazed if she wanted to keep her position. Lynnea is, of course, closest to her Environmental Maintenance partners, but that doesn’t stop her from branching out to other departments. She is extremely outgoing and can always find a good laugh in just about any situation, making her quite the popular one among her peers.  


Suggested Relationships:

  • Evelyn Ragno - sister
  • Daenerys Algren - friend
  • Matthos Kavanagh - friend
  • Jonathan Wahner - friend
FC: Deborah Ann Woll
Fir Nicastro ✚ 34 ✚ Capitol ✚ District 8 Escort ✚ Open 

Fir is one of the sweetest escorts you could find in this year’s line up. She is the ideal example of hehavior and manners the Capitol desires in their tributes. She is an extraordinary escort and has been in her position for almost 9 years now. She may not have any careers out of her previous victors, but she still knows how to make them presentable and comfortable while they are in the Capitol. However, one of her qualities rare in the rest of her coworkers is that she is genuine. She speaks the truth and expresses her true feelings on topics, controversial or not. Luckily, she favors almost all the Capitol views, so she wouldn’t be punished in any way. 

Truly believing she is doing good work in her career choice, Fir thinks of her job as shaping the future, one tribute at a time. She loves working with children and sees no harm in the Games as long as it helps the greater good. Fir thought about being some kind of teacher, but she wanted to reach out and touch other districts with her knowledge. Typically her tributes are nice enough to put up with her bubbly and happy personality once they see how much she does care for their well being. But others brush it off as another annoying Capitol personel dictating their future and how they should behave. Fir just wants everyone to live a happy, well behaved life. 


Suggested Relationships

  • Rylan Royer - victor
  • Eustacia Yule - friend
  • Lyons Jardine - friend
  • Lynnea Ragno - friend
FC: Ginnifer Goodwin
Silver Benetton ✚ 27 ✚ District 1 ✚ 60th Victor ✚ Open

District 1 is notorious for their attractive, outgoing, and well behaved victors. They are quite the crowd pleasers and heartthrobs, as far as the Capitol citizens are concerned, seeing as how they are the from the district that closely resembles the Capitol in fashion and attitude. Silver most definitely applies in all categories. She loves being on the stage and doing interviews with Cesar. The crowd eats up her hilarious and sassy personality paired with her sweet appearance. Especially during her tribute interview, seeing as how she was only thirteen years old. She’s a big singer and Cesar can always sway her into singing a few lines for her fans. After the age of sixteen, Snow found her beauty and talent rather special and decided to make her somewhat of a treat for his friends with big mouths or big wallets; whichever ones he needed to please first. Through him, people would take her in for the night It wasn’t always sexual. Just sold as famous company. The strangest part, however, was that she didn’t have to be threatened in to doing it. She liked the attention and conversation. Besides, she knew how to slip out of uncomfortable situations, such as almost sleeping with a purple-dyed man three times her age (which actually has happened once) and instead telling him stories while pouring drink after drink until her time was up. She knew how to handle and manipulate people. And she loved it. 

Her Games, however, was another story. Her fellow tribute who volunteered with her was unreadable from day one, but still agreed to join her career pack. She tried everything to get some kind of a read on him, or even say just one word. But her efforts were useless to him and he continued to be silent for days. In the arena, Silver managed to convince her alliance members to do the killing for her. They didn’t even realize they were the only ones doing it, with the exception of her parter. When the majority of the tributes in the arena were killed off, their career pack agreed to separate. Silver was left with her silent partner who continued to motion with his hands or shake and nod his head to communicate. Silver decided that he was at least good enough to kill the rest of the tributes, if anything. And he did. He killed everyone who was previously in their career pack on his own. As she watched him kill the very last one, she saw the first true emotion on his face; hunger. He enjoyed killing in a way she couldn’t comprehend, but she knew he wanted more. Before he could get his own hands on her, she slit his throat from behind without a second thought. It was the first time she had ever seen him smile, aside from the hint of smiles in his interviews. This was a genuine, ear to ear smile with the same wild hunger in his eyes. Fifteen years after her games, she is still haunted by the silent boy’s eyes and has developed a fear of the mute. Making her extended stay in the Capitol difficult seeing as how every victor is assigned an avox. 


Suggested Relationships

  • Gloss Eldred - mentor
  • Colin Crusan - escort
  • Cashmere Eldred - friend
FC: Hayden Panettiere
Darius Werner ✚ 30 ✚ District 12 ✚ Avox ✚ Open

Like most peacekeepers, Darius grew up in District 2 with his father and younger brother. His father worked in the factor assembling weapons while he and his brother trained to become peacekeepers. Though Darius was stronger and built for the job, Willem was the sharper tool in the shed and was more useful in the Capitol. He was sent to serve in the Capitol while Darius was sent to District 12. He was only nineteen years old when he began working and quickly adapted to the ways of this new district. As strict as training was, he found there wasn’t much he needed to regulate on. He even broke some of the rules himself and made friends with a lot of the citizens, seeing as how his fellow peacekeepers were well in to their thirties at the time. He particularly liked to spend his time in the Hob where the real characters were found. Darius knew his way around with the girls, seeing as how he was quite handsome and a real smooth talker. One of his favorites he liked to pick on was Katniss Everdeen. Nothing ever happened with her, just a harmless flirt here and there. She was a gorgeous girl, in District 12 terms, and besides, he got a kick out of the look on her friend Gale’s face when he did it. 

After Peeta and Katniss won the Hunger Games, the Capitol decided to buckle down and get serious in the use of their keepers. Therefore, Darius was under the new command of Romulus Thread, and God did he hate it. Until Thread, Darius forgot he even had a weapon worth using for the past 10 years and almost what it meant to keep peace in the district. The district that was his new home and had been for a decade. The people around him were his new family, and he didn’t realize how much they meant until the changes were already made. Finally, when he saw Gale, a boy he never truly considered a friend or family until that moment, he couldn’t watch him being punished like that. Darius intervened in a way he probably shouldn’t have, and condemned himself to a punishment even worse for himself. After being knocked out, he woke up to find himself on an aircraft headed to the Capitol, chained up like an animal. Now Darius serves as an avox in the Capitol, assigned to the girl he used to flirt with back in the Hob. She was the last of his family from District 12. And he knew he had to hold on to her even if that only meant serving her dinner a few days before being thrown back into the arena a second time.


Suggested Relationships

  • Willem Werner - brother
  • Katniss Everdeen - friend
  • Peeta Mellark - friend
  • Gale Hawthorne - friend

FC: Jensen Ackles

Gale Hawthorne ✚ 17 ✚ District 12 ✚ Citizen ✚ Open

Gale is not available until after the quarter quell. 

Gale just can’t get a break. The eldest of all his siblings, required to take care and look after them all. Putting his name into the reaping almost more times than he could count. His best friend and partner in crime (quite literally) is sent in to the Hunger Games. And every day after he wished he would have volunteered with her. That he didn’t just stand there holding back a screaming Prim and watch as the Mellark boy stood on stage next to Katniss. The baker’s son who didn’t know a thing about hunting or killing. The boy that couldn’t protect her like he could. And then since, he’s had no other option than to stand by and watch as the rest of his world crumbled. 

When Katniss and Peeta returned to District 12, he’s left with a mixture of relief and jealousy. Katniss could never be his again. Not that she was his in the first place… but she could have been. Now she and Peeta were the lovestruck teens from District 12, and would be the rest of their lives. But Gale was done with just standing by, watching the two of them all over each other on screen and five feet or more apart as soon as it’s gone. It was obvious she didn’t love him. She couldn’t. He didn’t want her to. Even if he was working in the mines nowadays, he would make sure he couldn’t loose her again. Fine, he’d be her cousin for safety purposes when a camera was near, but there weren’t going to be there forever. After explaining his true feelings for her, he wasn’t relieved, happy, or even hopeful. He knew he had only made it worse for her, but at least he wasn’t just standing now. he was fighting. And after he couldn’t save her from being sent back a second time, he knew his fight had only just started.


Suggested Relationships

  • Katniss Everdeen - friend
  • Peeta Mellark - friend
  • Darius Werner - friend
  • Primrose Everdeen - friend
FC: Liam Hemsworth
Peeta Mellark ✚ 17 ✚ District 12 ✚ 74th Victor ✚ Open 

Baker. Loverboy. Victor from district 12. The boy who helped defy the Capitol. The boy who helped spark a rebellion. However, he prefers to be called Peeta. All his life, up until a year ago, he was a sixteen year old boy who was lucky enough to be the son of a baker. Lucky to have food everyday, a sturdy roof over his head, and a bed to himself. A year later, he was not so lucky to become one of the most famous faces in Panem. Stripped of his titles as the baker’s son and tribute from District 12, and given the most glorified one someone could have: Victor. He hated it and everything that came with it. 

Before being brought back to the Capitol for the 75th Games, Peeta had prepared himself to become a mentor for yet another Hunger Games. He was ready to watch one of his tributes die, just as his own mentor Haymitch had done for years before he and Katniss came along. He was ready for whatever Snow had conjured up for the third Quarter Quell. However, the one thing he was not ready for was being thrown back in to the games himself. Coming back home for a year before being sent back again was the worst part. It was hope. Hope he could adapt and adjust to his new lifestyle with his family, Katniss, and Haymitch. Hope he could change people’s lives in District 12. Maybe even in all Panem, just with his words and spirit. But that hope is now gone. The one and only hope he has left is getting Katniss out of the arena alive. Even if she can’t do it with him again this time. 


Suggested Relationships

  • Katniss Everdeen - friend
  • Haymitch Abernathy - mentor
  • Gale Hawthorne - friend
  • Effie Trinket - escort
FC: Josh Hutcherson

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